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Jemma Forte

Broadcast Journalist, Writer & Presenter


This is me

Nigel Farage once told the producers of a show I was on, that I specifically, wasn't allowed to ask him any questions. I took this as a compliment and kept my trap shut.....for the producers' sakes, not Nigel's.


Prior to 2016 I couldn't have imagined such an occurrence. But then BB (before Brexit) - arguably the catalyst for my intensified political engagement - I also couldn't have envisaged arguing with the likes of Ann Widdecombe, appearing on Iain Dale’s Cross Question with Peter Hitchens, previewing the papers alongside various political editors of National newspapers or stomping round the House of Lords with Marina Purkiss and Green Peer, Jenny Jones.


It's all good clean fun and I’ve met some fascinating people along the way. Expressing opinions on telly does mean taking some flack on social media but, being followed by Gary Lineker compensates and, while happy to admit that sometimes I get things wrong, or sometimes change my mind, I never say anything unless I believe it's factually accurate and honest. I like to think this is why I am a regular on Jeremy Vine on C5, BBC papers and SKY. I also crop up on GMB, TalkTV, Wright On the Nail podcasts and LBC and so forth.


I also co-host a bi-weekly podcast called The Trawl. Myself and political commentator, Marina Purkiss, discuss politics and current affairs in a fairly satirical way. It's doing well, has hit the charts and we're looking forward to taking it to the next level in 2024.


On a different note, I've had five novels out, write regularly for The Times and represent a gorgeous brand on QVC, which is more fun than you can shake a stick at. I am a presenter ‘by trade’ so still do other hosting jobs too. I present The World Branding Awards for instance. I also have a communications/presentation training company called ForteJames

If for any reason, you'd like to know more about the patchwork quilt of comedy, strangeness, excitement, family and friends and nail-biting experiences which make up my life, there's a nutshell version of my half a century condensed into an About section. 

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