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Be Careful What You Swipe For

Out Now


Left, left, left, left, left, right. What are any of us looking for as we swipe away? Someone to go on holiday with? Sex? Validation? Love forever after, or all of the above?

Charlotte knows what she wants. Having focused on her career for years, she’s after a partner, a father for her unborn children, a family. And finally, after hundreds of dates, she finds just that, in the form of James. She’s hit the online jackpot, won the dating lottery, which is why, when it all goes away she’s so devastated. Then, things take a turn for the ‘even worse’ which is when life starts getting very tricky. The light at the end of the tunnel starts to fade but will it go out completely?

Bad dates, love, scandal, betrayal, no one can say life isn’t exciting. But sometimes exciting is the last thing you need………

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