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A thought about Magazines on World Mental Health Day

It’s World Mental Health Day today so I thought I’d say this. If you have a second please study this picture of some so called ‘women’s magazines.’


Now let’s play a game. It’s called find something positive, affirming and supportive written about any of the women on the covers that isn’t either commenting negatively, passive aggressively or rudely about their weight or private lives. Someone once told me about the following quote by Madeline Allbright, a former US Secretary of State. She said ‘there’s a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.’ It’s fierce but I believe it to be true.

So, how are these headlines, aimed at women, about women. helping any of us as people and/or doing anything good for our mental health? Who cares what size (always beautiful) Nigella Lawson is? She’s a talented cook, not a model. She’s flipping gorgeous anyway. And who the f*** would assume Cheryl Cole was pregnant when her stomach is flatter than mine’s ever been? And hasn’t she just had a baby anyway?

And, as for contemplating having surgery in order to be a size 10 bride post giving birth, or indeed anytime, that isn’t a headline, it’s a serious problem. One which begs the question why aren’t you just eating healthily and exercising and WHO are you marrying who would let you even consider it?

I worry for my daughter and her lovely friends, and anyone else who might be reading and absorbing all this negative, inconsequential crap. So, today on this World Mental Health Day 2017, let’s try to support other women and focus on what they do, how they behave and what they say. Instead of the size of their stomachs, relationship issues or diets. Let’s choose our role models carefully. Because I for one have tried to live up to some of this nonsense in the past and it’s unhealthy and it’s bullshit.

It happens to be my birthday today (less important obv) but a good day to say ‘I’m 44 and my thighs aren’t perfect but I’m a good friend and on my day pretty funny. So there.’

So, let’s celebrate and place value on being kind, fit, healthy, clever, funny, strong, non judgemental, hard working and other beautiful things that all my favourite women and my daughter either already are or are striving to be. And let’s put these rags in the recycling. Peace Out xxx

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