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The launch of From London with Love

This Wednesday my friends and family joined me in celebrating the launch of my second book, From London with Love, at the King’s Road branch of Waterstone’s.

Here are a few photos from the event which was BRILLIANT. A real celebration and a reminder that I am blessed with incredible friends and family who are not only supportive and generous but also very good at drinking white wine.

Below, on the left, me trying to work out how to hold a pen after years of using a PC. Then, me standing in front of a huge pile of books, praying it’ll be smaller at the end of the evening….

Below, on the left, Cherie, a good, good friend and an amazingly bendy yoga teacher. In the middle, Charlotte, Aleeeeeeeesha Beyonce (Alessia) and Juliette. Bloody love them. Then, on the right, me with my lovely mum who came all the way from Italy especially for it (sort of thing you usually only hear at weddings). Then, on the right, my long suffering, deeply wonderful husband, Charlie.

Below the fabulous Lucy and Jo. Not the best picture ever taken but hey, see earlier wine reference…

Above, Jessica, one of my beautiful sisters. I have three of them. Seriously, we’re like the Brontes minus the bonnets. N.B The heroine in From London with Love is called Jessica.

On the left, my amazing friend Carmel (quite a gal), with Alessia, Charlotte and Juju. In the middle Stroma with the freaks, otherwise known as the Forte family. That’ll be another of my sisters, Imogen, Harry, my bro, my second mum Sal and my legendary father (mickey F). On the right my little girl Lily with Mister Maker (Phil). 

Thank you to everyone who came, bought, then drunk the bar dry next door. It was a happy, happy occasion and also gave me an excuse to buy a new frock and have massive hair. So all good. 

P.S I’m glad there weren’t any photos of the very end of the night when half of East Sheen were standing on the pavement hammered, barely able to even summon a cab. Or am I? Maybe they’d be quite funny. To all the people who aren’t featured, I’m sorry, I didn’t take any photos myself as I was too busy having FUN and revelling in it all. xxx

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